“Such a warm little shop with sandwiches that nourish the soul.”

– Terri Fisher from Austin, TX

“Sandwiches are the reason you’re here. The hummus and veggie sand- wich is good, as is the grilled portabella and blue cheese. My hands down favorite is the grilled squash, spinach, and fresh mozzarella sandwich – an amazing combination of flavors. The blackberry balsamic vinaigrette (made in house) brings out the rich flavor of the cheese.”

– Jonathan Frazier from Austin, TX

“Great place to go to for a quick bite, or catch up time with friends. I love the atmosphere!”

– Chelsea Avery from Austin, TX

“What can I say? I love everything there. The atmosphere is cute and cozy, the service is friendly and prompt and the food is spectacular.”

– Helen Verwold from Austin, TX